Word 2003 dot versus Word 2007 dotm templates


Lee Kiwiflame

Does anybody know if VBA has changed with Word 2007? Is it best to convert
Word 2003 dot templates to Word 2007 dotm templates?

I have some code which inserts a hyperlink when a button is clicked.
However, since we upgraded to Word 2007, it crashes Word.

I noticed that if I removed the 'TextToDisplay:=displaytext' part of the
following code, the button works however it inserts the full file path
instead of just the file name.


Sub Hyperlink()

Dim fd As FileDialog, displaytext As String
'Create a FileDialog object as a File Picker dialog box.
Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)
'Use a With...End With block to reference the FileDialog object.
With fd
'Set the initial path to the Agenda Attachments folder.
.InitialFileName = "M:\processes\documents\agenda attachments\"
.Title = "Select the File to which you want to create the link"
'Use the Show method to display the File Picker dialog box and
return the user's action.
'If the user presses the action button...
If .Show = -1 Then
displaytext = .SelectedItems(1)
While InStr(displaytext, "\") > 0
displaytext = Mid(displaytext, InStr(displaytext, "\") + 1)
displaytext = Left(displaytext, Len(displaytext) - 4)
ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection.Range,
Address:=.SelectedItems(1), TextToDisplay:=displaytext
' 'If the user presses Cancel...
End If
End With

'Set the object variable to Nothing.
Set fd = Nothing

End Sub

I can't work out why. Thanks



Graham Mayor

There is no need to keep posting the same question. Some of us need to
There are some minor changes to vba in Word 2007, but most templates will
work without the need for conversion.
I can confirm that Word 2007 crashes if you use TextToDisplay, and it
appears to be a bug.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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