Word 2003 should let me nudge objects 1 pixel at a time.

Discussion in 'Word Graphics' started by ReneeMT, May 22, 2006.

  1. ReneeMT

    ReneeMT Guest

    Word 2002 allowed me to nudge objects by using the arrow keys and they would
    move 1 pixel at a time. Word 2003 nudges -- and sizes -- them about 5-7
    pixels at a time. It's impossible to fine tune the position of an object on
    a page. I've tried Word help and online help to see if I can change the size
    of the movement but have found nothing. It's really frustrating!

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    ReneeMT, May 22, 2006
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  2. ReneeMT

    macropod Guest

    Hi Renee,

    Word isn't an image editing program - it works in points and twips (and
    imperial/metric approximations of those) for positioning elements on paper,
    not in pixels whose attributes vary according to screen resolution and page


    macropod, May 23, 2006
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  3. ReneeMT

    CyberTaz Guest

    Hold down the Control key while you use the arrows. You can also go to the
    Draw button on the Drawing Toolbar, select Grid..., and adjust the Grid
    spacing to whatever suits you.

    And, FWIW, if you select the object & go to Format>AutoShape - Layout -
    Advanced you can be as precise with your positioning as you wish.
    CyberTaz, May 23, 2006
  4. ReneeMT

    shard Guest

    CyberTaz wrote on 05/23/2006 09:57 ET
    With Word 2003, when I hold down the Ctrl key and use the arrow keys to nudge
    my object moves all over the place - to the right when I hit the left arro
    or up, or down. I can't figure out why it does this. Also when I try to dra
    with the mous using the Alt key, I can't move the object accurately like I wa
    always able to do with Word 2000. Does anybody else have this problem?
    shard, Jun 9, 2011
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