Word 2007 Home & Student Future Updates



My computer is a Dell Dimension 4550 Desktop running Microsoft Windows XP
Pro (Build 2600); version 2002 with Service Pack 3. It has an Intel Pentium
4 x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4: CPU 2.40 GHz; 2.39 GHz with 2.0 GB of
RAM. The Display adapter is a 64MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with TV Out,
and I am using Internet Explorer 8. My Printer is a 2009 Dell V505. Bus
Clock: 533 megahertz. BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A08 9/23/2003. C:
Drive Size is 76,285 MB with 79% Free Space. H: (My Book) Size is 465 GB
with 89% Free Space. I just ordered a Windows XP Professional SP3 English
Patch CD Pro/Home, Part # E85-05370. Does it contain ALL the Microsoft
updates for SP 2 and SP 3? I also have Microsoft Word 2007 Home & Student
installed; how do I get all the Microsoft updates and help files for Word
2007 Home? Any enlightenment would be very much appreciated! Thank you all
for your attention and time. TheUnknownCritic



JoAnn Paules

I would assume it will contain all of SP2 and SP3 but you still want to do a
Windows Update to make sure you have all of the applicable patches for you
OS and Microsoft apps.

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