Word 2010 macro for printing to tray2

Nov 24, 2011
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Im having an application which prints word documents to a two trays(2 copies). one copy from Tray2 having letter head and another from default tray.The application is ion java, we used java script for printing ,and opening word document through activeX ,made some formatting , page setup and tray setting.But its getting printed from default tray not from tray 2. both copies from default tray.Pls advise.Am i missing anything?

var wTrackFolder= new ActiveXObject('Word.Application');

wTrackFolder.ActiveDocument.PageSetup.FirstPageTray = 2;
wTrackFolder.ActiveDocument.PageSetup.OtherPagesTray = 2;
wTrackFolder.Options.DefaultTray = "Tray 2";


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