Word Crashes on Doc with Many Excel Links




I hope that someone can please help me with this problem. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

I have created a large doc with hundreds of Excel links - mostly bitmaps
with manual updates. The doc is about 200 pgs long. I have Office XP
(2002) with SP-2 and all the latest security patches. I have XP Home and XP
Pro (same symptoms on both) with 1 Gb DDR Ram, P4 2 GHz, lots of GB on hard
drives. The same crash behavior occurs on Windows 2K SP-4 and with Office
2K standard and pro. The file is 67 Mb with several hundred bitmap links to
Excel files. I have set all the links to manual, because if they are
automatic, Word crashes immediately. I save the file frequently and it
seems that if I don't exit and re-enter Word after about 5-10 saves, it will
crash on save, losing the last edits. The recovery file is useless as it
saves about 50-60 separate files with garbage graphics and with all links

Also, if I try to update all the links at once, Word will give the
message "Linked Object not found" and many links will be destroyed. I can
link it about 1/4 of the links at a time with no lost links. Sometimes it
crashes on update link of a single object (right-click: update link).

The problem started to occur as the document got larger. There are also
multiple sections, two automatic TOCs, lots of cross references. I found
that the home edition crashes a bit less and it crashed more after
installing SP-1 and SP-2. Using event viewer, the last crash had the
following signature: 10.0.5815.0 winword.exe 0031c07b with internal
signature feef04bd. When the crash occurs, the recovery wizard shows no
updates available..

The problem is NOT fixed and the only workaround with Word seems to
be to shorten the document by 1/2 and use the Master/Slave multi-document

Doing this would be very inconvenient because of the many cross-references.
Short of that, I have to spend 1/2 hour to 1 hour updating the links every
time a variable is changed in the linked Excel document to be certain that
no links are corrupted. I have to save and exit, then re-enter Word
repeatedly as the document is edited to minimize my loss at each inevitable

I searched the Microsoft KB and found nothing related. Can someone help me
with this? It would be much appreciated.



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