Word doc keeps changing to ALL CAPS

Nov 20, 2020
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(I am re-posting this. I apologize if this is a duplicate. The first time I tried to post this, I hadn't logged in, and I think my attempt to post fell into a black hole.)

This is a weird problem! There is a Word doc that I use every day to keep a running record of daily meetings. About a week ago, something happened and the doc keeps changing the text formatting to ALL CAPS. When that happens, I go to Format --> Change Case --> Sentence Case, and the text starts typing again in normal sentence case - until I change the formatting of any text in the document (for example, change text to bold, or add a yellow highlight). Then it shifts back to ALL CAPS.

And here's something even weirder: When it's typing in ALL CAPS, and when I go to the Change Case menu, the Change Case menu shows that "lowercase" is the present format.

This is driving me nuts! During meetings, I'm trying to keep with meeting notes, and constantly having to fiddle with the Format menu to fix the text case. So I often have to say "Sorry - I missed what you just said. Can you please say it again?"

Does anyone have any idea what happened and how to fix this?


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