Word document Password?


Beyond X

When I attempt to open a word document, the Word 2000 displays an error
message saying:

"Document name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions.
*Check the file permissions for the document or drive.
*Use the file open dialog box to locate the document (C:\Documents\ABC.DOC)

I have used the ABC.doc file number of times by simply opening it from
File/Open without any additional steps. I never protected the file with
password. All other document files in the same folder can be opened
without problems.
I tried to open the document with Word in another computer but failed in
the same manner, indicating that fault is not a damage to the installed
Word but the document itself.
Therefore, it seems that something happened to the file recognition
structure of the file and that it thus need to be repaired.
(something similar to damages in FAT (File Alocation Table) system)

Can anyone tell me how I can restore the file?


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