Word should let me go direct from text to footer


Jack Isbester

I frequently want to edit the Footer in Text documents but do not want to
change the Header, and I find it inconvenient that I have to reach the Footer
by way of the Header.

I would like a route direct from the text to the Footer

Suzanne S. Barnhill

If you're in Print Layout view, you can double-click on the footer to edit

Jay Freedman

Hi Jack,

In addition to Suzanne's suggestion, you can make a toolbar button to
jump to the footer.

Open the Tools Customize dialog. Select View in the Categories list,
then scroll down almost to the bottom to find View Footer. Grab that
with your mouse and drag it to any toolbar; when you see a thick
I-beam between existing buttons, drop it there.

There isn't an image assigned to this command by default, but you can
add one. Right-click your new (text) button, click Change Button
Image, and choose one of the pictures (maybe the pair of footprints?).
Right-click it again and choose Default Style to get rid of the text.
Then close the Customize dialog. When you exit Word, you should be
asked whether to save Normal.dot; say yes.


Dear Captain Isbester,
Can you let me have your email id. I would like to write to you about your book.

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