Word VBA - Auto Populate Text on Dependent Drop Down Exit

Feb 24, 2017
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I have created a form built around dependent drop down lists. Drop down 1 feeds drop down 2 feeds drop down 3. I was not aware that text wrap does not work in drop down fields, so my 3rd drop down field isn't going to work as I had planned. What I would like to do instead is replace the 3rd drop down field with a text field that automatically populates with text based on the selection made in drop down 2. The end document will be used by multiple employee's, so I would like to code all of this through VBA into the document rather than using a select file method to reference documents on my personal computer. Just an example of the code I used for the first 2 drop downs for a point of reference:
Sub PopulateddPIP()

Select Case ActiveDocument.FormFields("ddKPI").Result

Case "ACW"

With ActiveDocument.FormFields("ddPIP").DropDown.ListEntries


.Add "Not Multi Tasking"

.Add "Not Using Call Hx Templates"

.Add "Distracted by Personal Phone or Internet"

End With
Where drop down 1 is bookmarked as "ddKPI" and drop down 2 is bookmarked as "ddPIP". Any and all help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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