"Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt" after install SP3



After install SP3, the word document was still unable to read. However, the
file is unable to open in 2000.
I installed the SP3 directly from office 2003 without previous SP1/2

Any suggestion?

Many thanks!




I have the same problem here on the network ( random on 50 PC's) , I see
this happening after a warning about an insecure document. When this happens
the document can only be saved . The computer needs to be restarted before
Word can open a document again ( file -> open is grayed out before restart ).
The document is corrupted and gives this error on opening.
It can be opened again by choosing OPEN AND RECOVER in the open dialog.
(pull down menu on OPEN button)


Jan 17, 2012
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MS Word documents might cause problems when tried to access in some other environment indifferent to one over which those are originally created. All you require is efficient Word Recovery Services. Why services? Coz personally I don't think that it is justified to purchase software recovering just a word document. Hereunder are source links where you might get suffice answer for your query

MS Word DOC — File Recovery Services (.doc) (.rtf) › SysTools
MS Word DOCX — File Recovery Services (.docx) › SysTools

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