I have a mailbox user on our Exchange 2007 system using Outlook 2007 wh
has recently opened a dispute regarding an email that wasn't delivered.
The details are

- Email was allegedly sent at 10:00 on a Monday, although it wasn'
received by the recipients. Sender has a desktop PC on permanent wire
connection and no network issues at time
- Email was received by three recipients at 09:24 two days late
- PR_CLIENT_SUBMIT_TIME of message is 09:24:47.550 on Wednesda
- PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME of message is 10:00:00.000 on Monda

To summarise the above, the email appears to have been submitted tw
days after the delivery time... which obviously doesn't sound correct

I've tried to recreate this issue (using Outlook 2010) and have foun
that if my Outlook is offline when I send an email, it sits in th
Outbox and sends when next online, as expected. However, when checkin
the email header info, the PR_CLIENT_SUBMIT_TIME is the time I went bac
online and it was moved from my Outbox and the PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIM
was the time I pressed send while offline. Therefore, I have managed t
replicate this issue

Has anybody else got any experience of this happening or can anyon
explain why this is the case? The desktop PC in question was on an
connected to the network all day on the Monday and the user sent othe
emails that day after the one that 'got stuck', all of which wer
timestamped correctly and received as expected

Any help on this would be appreciated



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