Wxp + Office XP and automatic updates nightmare



Please tell me if there's a better NG where to post this.
I have a working WinXP system and in 2008 I rebuilt it from scratch and
"cleaned the dust" of a sealed Outlook 2002 package I never had used.
Everything works okay, but some weeks ago I went into an infinite cycle:

- Automatic updates says "there are updates available for your computer,
click here to download them".
- I click the message and the typical Automatic Updates dialog opens,
showing the item is Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810) is
offered. I click download.
- Then I see: "Updates are ready for your computer. Click here to install
these updates".
- No matter I click Express Install or Custom Install, the outcome is always
the same: Installation failed. The following updates were not installed:
- I click Close. A few seconds afterwards, I'm again bothered by "there are
updates available for your computer, click here to download them" and so on.
The cycle is infinite. I don't pay attention anymore to the AU tray icon.

In one MS page I read that it's possible to run an executable to validate
Office. As I said, I only have Outlook XP. I ran that program (I seem to
remember it's just an ActiveX running in IE) and it says that my Office is
not registered.

Can this be related to the failure to install KB949810?
I remember that I did register Outlook successfully in 2008 and when I go to
Help | Activate Product
in Outlook, it says "This product has already been activated". This is
expected result by me, but I only want to get rid of the infinite loop with
AU and Office Genuine Advantage Notifications.





Peter Foldes


The newsgroup that you want is the Windows Update or MU newsgroup


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