XL2007: stock chart- difficulty adding additional series



I have a chart where I need to show multiple range values. In 2007, I thought
that the stock chart would be the most useful starting point, where I could
use the Open/High/Low/Closing to represent standard deviations (high and low
at the 3stddev mark, and open/close at the 2stddev mark).

In order to make the chart useful, I need to add series (time series or
maybe scatterplot) to show specific values against those standard deviation
ranges. I'd think this would be useful on a stock chart too, because in
addition to seeing O/H/L/C you might want a data point on there showing the
price at which you bought (or sold).

However, every time I try to add a series, I get an error "some chart types
may not be combined". I'm usually a 2003 user, but hopped on a 2007 box just
in the hopes that 2007 would have a better default to build my chart(s).

Is there a better approach (other than building each series from scratch to
look like a stock chart), or is there a trick to adding series to the stock
plot? If I have to build from scratch anyway, I'll head back to 2003 to do so.



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