XY scatter plot with more than 32000 rows in Excel 2003




I am using Excel 2003 and need to plot on the same xy scatter chart 24 series (column) of data, each series containing about 300,000 rows of data (spread across 5 worksheets in the same workbook).

I am aware of the 32,000 rows limitation per series in Excel 2003 and the workaround of creating a new series for each chunk of 32,000 rows to append to the previous chunk. However, I would need to do that 24 times x 9 (~300,000/32,000) for that one chart, and I have six similar charts to do (6 x 24= 144 columns in total), so I am looking for a more automated way of doing that. Unfortunately, my VBA skills are pretty much inexistent so I was wondering if there was a kind soul out there who could help me or at least get me started.

Many thanks in advance,



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