2007 move axis label & add zero line



Excel 07 - Have several bar charts with negative values. Can I move the axis
label independently of the default relationship to the least value or the
chart floor? And how do I add only the horizontal zero line for reference in
a bar chart with negative and positive values stacked?



Tushar Mehta

Right click the axis, select Format Axis... In the dialog box, set the Label
position to 'Low' (the default is 'Next to Axis').

The x axis by default is at y=0. So, you should be all set for that. If
you have additional horizontal lines, they are gridlines. To remove them,
click on any so that all show up as selected. Press the 'Delete' key.
Tushar Mehta
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In Excel 2007 double-click to format may not work; right click and select
from the menu

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