A03 - count in report footer gives me #Error?



I tried setting a text box in a Page Footer to show the total number
of records in a report but I'm getting the #Error in the footer and I
don't know how to fix it.

I followed instructions from here,
which is the way I've done it before. Don't know why #Error never
came up before though the code does work if it's put in the Report
Footer which is no good.

The Report Footer places the total # of records floating in the middle
of the last page at the end of all the records. Is there no way to do
some sort of counting that will work in the Page Footer, please?
(Even the Page Header doesn't work.) I've upt the code into Report
Header for now but would be ideal best to put something in the Page

p.s., unbound text box has this:
="Total Number of Records: " & Count(*)

Thank you!!

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