Space at end of multi page list to accommodate new entries

May 11, 2022
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I’ve compiled multi page alphabetical lists of the contents of various subjects.

Each line contains one title.

Each list has a header subject title and date last edited and footer with page number.

I want to leave a 10 line space at the end of each page to accommodate new entries.

The idea is that as new titles are entered, only that page will need to be printed off to keep a hard copy up to date. At present any new item on a page moves the last line onto the following page because each page is filled with lines of title headings.

The list is 50 plus pages in length and clearly it would be wasteful to print every page off to have an up-to-date hard copy whereas a 10 line space will allow new lines (up to 10) to be inserted without altering the list on the following pages and some considerable time will pass before a new 10 line space needs to be put in.

Can anyone suggest a simple way of achieving this please?

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