MS Word List Bug

Oct 5, 2023
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I'm currently formatting a document for work and I've set up a multi-level list with 4 levels. It's been working fine for 147 pages. One list ends on page 147 and come page 148 for a new list, it suddenly stops me from restarting the list from 1 for no apparent reason.

No matter what I do, it doesn't change back to 1. It either continues from where the last list left off, or it removes all numbers after 1 from every list previously. Manually setting the start point to 1 does nothing. I cannot create a new multi-level list or apply any existing default ones. Word behaves like I didn't do anything when I try.

I've tried using no break, page break, section break, etc between 147 and 148 with no joy. Nothing has changed whatsoever between pages 147 and 148. I've reverted back to an earlier save and again at exactly the same point, it suddenly stops me from restarting a list.

As far as I can remember, lists in word have always been a PITA. The only "advice" I can find from Microsoft is to "start again in a new document". Absolute joke. I'm using the latest Office 365 on Windows 10. Has anyone got a workaround for this?

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