Creating Multi Level list using Header Style

Jan 7, 2019
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In the image below you will see that Level 2 Number format has no number and I cannot edit to enter a number format.
When preparing the native file all went well and the number list worked okay, the L1, L2 and L3 styles worked and the links coming from the Header Styles worked. However after saving and re-opening the styles at Level 2 and 3 are all blank and shaded black as you can see in the very bottom of the image below.
Level 1 styles view and operate okay.
The document, 40 pages, Word 365, Win10,
On inspecting the Multilevel List I think I can see the error - being that there is no formatting for the number - yellow highlight in the image. However, I can't edit that cell / entry. The only entries I can edit are Level 1 and 4 onwards - I did not use 4 or any level below that.
I need to used Header Styles for my numbering because I want to insert links in the documents which can be updated using the F9 key.
I'd appreciate any guidance as to a fix.
Capture Formatting Number.PNG


Microsoft MVP
Mar 2, 2012
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There are two possibilities that spring to mind:
1. Document corruption; or
2. A faulty Office installation.

Corrupt documents can often be 'repaired' by inserting a new, empty, paragraph at the very end, copying everything except that new paragraph to a new document based on the same template (headers & footers may need to be copied separately), closing the old document and saving the new one over it.

For a faulty Office installation, try repairing the Office installation (via Windows Control Panel > Programs > Programs & Features > Microsoft Office (version) > Change > Repair).

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