Active Content in this file is blocked issue

Dec 9, 2015
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I have an Access DB that is now popping up a message when I open the file that says "Active content in this file is blocked. Review your trust center settings or contact your IT Administrator" This message started popping up recently. This file is not on a network it is on my local hard drive in a subfolder within Documents. I've looked at the file properties and there's nothing that I'm seeing that suggests that the content is blocked and once I click OK, all of the objects in the database such as tables, queries, forms and reports open normally and I can't see anything out of the ordinary except for this annoying message that appears when I open the DB. I've tried saving a copy under another name, renaming the file and moving the file to a different subfolder and nothing eliminates the message. In addition I've mounted a virtual copy of the databased from my backup software and when I attempt to open the virtual copy I'm getting the same error. Can anyone guide me on how to eliminate this error? Thanks. in advance to anyone that can provide a safe solution/

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