Automation of scanned file storage based on content

Oct 23, 2020
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This may seem a bit off-topic but please bear with me.

I work as a consultant and do short contract works with lots of different companies who have a wide variety of systems (most are MS Office based, but not always the most up to date) and some of them are downright antiquated in their storage and archiving of information including keeping print-outs in favour of digital files.

To utilise the information in the docs in a speedy manner, I scan a lot of information (scanned as searchable pdf) and keep them in a series of folders by the client, client topic etc.

The scanning software I use dumps all scans into a central file but allows me to rename the file at the time of creation and add comments and tags.

Is it possible to use some form of office automation to move files to set locations based on key terms in the file name or in the document properties 'comments' (this is the same as Word in this respect)

As an aside - although I have never used it this sounds like Office Flow(?), which seems to have now become Power Automate - but I am struggling to understand if this is an enterprise-only service, and if it can do the sort of thing I need - I do have other regular tasks that could benefit from automation.

SO, assuming you got this far, thank you, what I am looking for is an automation service for Office that will allow me to automatically move docs based on name/content from a central location to predefined folders.

PS - because I often work with multiple clients at the same time, I do really need to keep things simple.

Lastly - I am not averse to paying for a solution if it works, but do want to keep the cost down, as it's scary how fast you can rack up a large monthly bill through all the different subscriptions a business can end up using ... but I may just be being cheap!

Many thanks for any comments

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