Auto Thumbnail - Why bad Resolution after clicking ??



I've got some large images to put on the web.

I load them into my page, right click them & tell FP to "Auto

Then upload to our web site.

Thumbnails look great BUT...

When we click one it opens the image... then seems to reduce it
somewhat... and the quality/resolution is very poor.

If we just put the image up with out thumbnailing it it looks great.

Any suggestions on how we can use FP AutoThumbNail feature as it is a
time saver...

But, we want the image to open to look good.

Thanks for any help.



After using the AutoThumbnail feature the thumbnail hyperlinks to the
jpg file directly... (it is not on an htm web page.)

When I put the image on an actual web page... and let the thumbnail
hyperlink to that...

Internet Explorer seems to display it in the proper size.

Can I count on this in other browsers?

Thanks for the help.


Steve Easton

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