avi clips won't play after upgrade to Windows 7



I recently upgraded my laptop from Vista Home Premium 32-bit to Windows Home
Premium 32-bit (in place upgrade). Now, avi clips will not play in my
powerpoint presentation (Powerpoint 2007). All I get is a black frame
instead of the video. Everything worked fine before the Windows 7 upgrade,
and I have made no other changes to my computer. The clips still play fine
in windows media player.

The codec for the avi is: CRAM Microsoft Video 1 which is installed on my
system. The clips are located in the same folder as the powerpoint file. If
I delete and re-insert the avi files, they still don't work. The path length
is less than 128 characters.

I read in a forum that the best option is to convert the video to wmv. I
have 30-40 lectures on my computer that contain over 2,000 video clips so
this is not a good option.

Any ideas?



Did you just update versions Windows Vista or you switched to Windows 7?

You don't need to convert all your movies. Before doing something drastic
check out this movie player:


It is very simple to use and loads up faster than other players. AVI files
should work.

Hope this information helps,

Vicente Tulliano



Thanks for the suggestion. To clarify, I upgraded the operating system to
Windows 7.

My problem is not playing the avis in a stand alone player, I have multiple
options for that. My goal is to play the videos integrated within a
powerpoint presentation. These videos have worked with multiple versions of
powerpoint, in Windows XP and in Vista. Something about the Windows 7
upgrade has made them unplayable in powerpoint. If I cannot do this, it is a
deal breaker for upgrading to W7.



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