Cannot use autodiscovery



I am trying to use the auto discovery feature to layout
my current AD domain. I have VISIO EA installed on an XP
professional machine. According the the Step-by-step on
Micrososft's site, the Connecto to directory box will
appear after selecting the active Directory template. I
also read that the template might even
say "autodiscovery." No Dice. What am I missing?



PS. Please reply with "dear stupid," because that's how I
feel right now.



Lori [MSFT]

Visio for Enterprise Architects does not contain the network autodiscovery
or directory services add-ons. They are contained in Visio Enterprise
Network Tools edition.



C W Butler


Must be contagious. Actually I think the problem is MS's marketing
department. Visio 2000 actually had an autodiscovery agent, but that never
appeared in any later version that I can determine. On one of the Visio web
sites, reference is made to a discovery agent by Fluke, the instrument
folks, that costs about the same as Visio, thus an unaffordable,
unreasonable solution, for me.

In April 2002, Microsoft announced Visio Enterprise Network Tools (VENT)
which performs autodiscovery, then they discontinued the product on 1 Jul
2002, proclaiming "lack of customer demand." Apparently only you and I are
interested in documenting our networks.

There are a number of sources proclaiming to still carry the obsolete
product, but price is generally around $1000. This link:;en-us;301970

makes reference to a subscription based service, but if you go there, there
are only a few details about the discontinuation of autodiscovery support:

Even the vaporware Visio 2003 has no proclamation of explicit active
directory support:

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