can't click on series, close to Y-Axis


Steve Jacobs

I'm not sure how to search for this problem, or even how to describe it
properly, so if I'm unclear about something please ask me to clarify. (I'm
also not sure about proper terminology.)

I've got a line-chart, displaying customer names on the vertical axis, and $
amounts on the horizontal axis.

The lines extending from the vertical axis are a series.

If a user double-clicks on the items in the series (the bars on the chart),
I run a macro.

Here's the problem:
If the mouse is clicked within approximately 1/2" of the vertical axis,
Excel appears to consider this area still the vertical axis. I can see this
by observing the tooltips that appear. If the mouse pointer is positioned
over the axis, over the axis labels to the left of the axis, or to the right
of the axis in the plot area, but only within maybe 1/2", the tooltip reads
"Vertical (Category) Axis)". BUT, if the mouse is positioned over one of the
bars, further from the vertical axis, the tooltip displays
"Series 1 Point < values...>"

If I draw a rectangle to PlotArea.InsideLeft, InsideTop, InsideHeight and
InsideWidth, the rectangle's left edge is where I'd think it should be,
exactly along the vertical axis. If, looking at the worksheet with the chart,
I click on the vertical axis labels, the right edge of the outline that
appears is also along the vertical axis, and if I click to the right of the
axis, the left edge of the outline that appears also runs along the vertical

So why are the clicks not working as expected and intended?




Steve Jacobs

Found the cause of the problem. The chart's various components had all been
formatted to look stylized, using 3-d Bevels and shadows. As soon as the
shadows and bevels were removed, the problem was eliminated.

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