Comdlg32.ocx Error


Roman B.

I have a brand new laptop I just bought running Windows XP SP2 and a new
installation of Office 2007. When I try to open an old Access DB it says
COMDLG32.OCX missing.

Can someone tell me where on microsofts site I can download this from?






Douglas J. Steele

I suspect that you already have it, and that the error is caused by the fact
that your new machine has a different version than the machine on which the
database was originally built. Downloading a copy from elsewhere won't
necessarily solve anything.

Go into the References, unselect the one marked MISSING, then scroll through
the list of available references until you find it on your machine (or look
for it in C:\Windows\System32)

If this is your own database, though, do yourself a huge favour and scrap
that OCX. I'll bet you're using it for the standard Windows File Open/File
Save dialog. Use the all-API approach in at "The Access Web" and you'll
never run into this problem again.

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