Comparisons between using Outlook and using ACT for client management

Discussion in 'Outlook' started by Frederick W. Sturke, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Frederick W. Sturke

    Frederick W. Sturke

    Nov 8, 2017
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    Oakdale, CA
    I am brand new to the forum so I ask your indulgence. Are there threads that deal with using Outlook versus ACT for client management?

    I was a long time ACT user, got "forced" into using Outlook a few years ago, and want to learn if there are things I have yet discovered with Outlook that I really liked and used in ACT.

    If there is a body of knowledge already written on this, terrific! I would love to learn what all of you know and not have to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

    Thanks in advance!
    Frederick W. Sturke, Nov 20, 2017
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