Conditional Formatting Less Than Today Week Days only




I have been playing around for a while now with network days, weekday
etc etc but can't seem to get a formula to work in Conditiona

I need a cell to be highlighted red once the date entered is 3 or mor
working days less than today. (i.e missed deadline)
In an ideal world, I would like it then to highlight green once
subsequent date is then entered in another cell, to show that the actio
has been performed.

For example.

Cell B2 contains date. Once this date is >3 working days less tha
today, it highlights red.
Cell C2 is initially blank, but once cell B2 highlights red, a dat
should be entered in C2 to confirm action has been performed an
therefore, cell B2 should now become green.

Hope this makes sense, I am using Excel 2003


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