Creating a Chart on form from selected data in query.

Oct 7, 2021
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I have set up a table to track the amount of travel in a specific parts (4X) on equipment based on values reported during inspections.
I would think there would be a way to chart the data by each part location (Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front and Right Rear) by the selected piece of equipment.
This is primarily in an effort to see if there are trends developing on units or parts that need to be replaced or paid attention to.
I have set up a query identifying the data and can display the information in a data sheet, but I am hitting a stone wall from that point.

I have uploaded the table as a spreadsheet file and the data I am looking for specifically to display is as follows:

I need to select a unit number [Trailer] to display each of the 4 points ([LFS_Inspect], [RFS_Inspect], [LRS_Inspect], [RRS_Inspect]) by the inspection dates for that specific trailer.


  • BrakeCheck.xlsx
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