How do I clear a form?

Dec 9, 2015
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I have a form setup to enter data for an access DB. The DB is a modified version of the contacts database that was available to use from Microsoft. The issue is that once the table is populated with data, if I open the form directly, all of the fields are populated by data from the DB which was the design of the form supplied as part of the original Contacts database.

What I would like to do the following:

First, I would like to do something upon the initial launch of the the form so that instead of populating the form with existing data from a record in the DB, the form would be be initialized with all fields set to null so the form would automatically be ready for data entry. Since the form currently has the ability to select existing records from the DB for display or update, I would I would like to place a button on the form that would again clear all fields so the form would become ready for data entry again. Lastly, I would like to create yet another button that would simply close the form itself but not close the Access DB.

Although I was a programmer I have extremely limited information or experience with Access 2010. Can anyone provide any "instruction for dummies" on how to accomplish the 3 tasks I've outlined above? Thanks.

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