Copy previous record into form field

Nov 4, 2019
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I want to type information into a form and then when I save the record, the input data is used to pre-populate fields on the next record/form.

Goal: The database captures shipping and configuration information for multiple systems going out to one location on the specified date and tracking number. Fed-Ex tracking number, date shipped, PO number, and customer information remain the same for the group of records associated to the shipment. However, multiple systems mat be sent out on each shipment, each needing it's own record. Each system contains multiple serialized components that need to be logged for warranty purposes. Currently each field on the record needs to be completed for every serial number. Ideally, I would like a set group of fields to pre-populate the next record to reduce data entry time. I am fairly new to Access and not familiar with VBA so if you provide code, please tell me exactly where and how to enter it.

A couple of field names that are repeated from record to record include: "Customer", "FedEx Tracking", "Customer PO".
Field names that may have differing information for each record include: "900337-SN", "3Dbarcode", "Software Config".

Thanks in advance for the help.

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