Creating the ChartSpaceClass in Java


Jay Pondy

I am a VB/VB.Net programmer attempting to get a handle on OWC using client side
java script.

If I have the following embedded Chart object:

<object id="moCH11"

and I use the following java code:

<script type="text/javascript">

I receive the error object does not support this property or method.

After 90 minutes of googling I'm a just a tad frustrated!!

Please point out the error of my ways. It's probably obvious to everyone but me!

Alvin Bruney [MVP]

That call is not needed. The object is already embedded in the form. Just
use the object handle moCH11.CSVData = "1,2,3,4"; etc. There's a thread I
posted in here about OWC resources, have a look.

Warm regards,
Alvin Bruney [MVP ASP.NET]

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