.csv Format Questions




I am having difficulties Importing into a radio program's database a
..csv Excel 2007 spreadsheet I created. Have the following questions,

a. For .csv spreadsheets in general, should the entire sheet be
formatted as Text ?

(or should a column, that contains actual numbers, be formatted as
Numbers, like it would be for a regular .xls Excel format ?)

I opened up the spreadsheet in Notepad, and see that there are zillions
of commas all over the place.

Other than the commas between fields, which one would expect, what might
all these other ones be ?
Are they correct, or some artifact that got put in when I did a Copy
from a list that came off some site that I opened), Paste, and .csv
format ? Should they be removed ?

Are there (other) symbols that shouldn't be in a .csv formatted
spreadsheet ?

I was hoping to include a small snip of a part of the Notepad opening,
but apparently it won't let me put it here. Would be very helpful in
explaining what I see there.

Any suggestions on how to Post it ?
Could do offline, of course, if anyone would like to see it ?

Thanks again for all the past help; much appreciated.




Gord Dibben

I would suggest you open the file in Notepad and save as a *.txt file.

Open that with Excel and use the Text Wizard to parse, most likely comma

You can designate what each column format is to be...............Text, numeric,

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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