Excel does not accept text format!

Mar 5, 2020
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Hello all!
In Germany, we use the comma as the decimal separator. So far, so good.
In a spreadsheet for production material, I now want to number the items, in the form:
If I define "Text" as cell format, then in a cell in which I enter a number, this green triangle appears, because Excel thinks it knows better than I what that cell format should be.
When users then click on "convert to a number", the pivot evaluation based on this table gets messed up because it interprets numbers differently than text.
How can I solve this problem without the users getting
  • have to prepend an apostrophe?
  • have a way to change the cell format?
  • no error notice appears in the form of a green triangle?
For example, is it possible to redefine the decimal separator from comma to dot in only one column without this then taking effect for the user's entire system? Then one could simply specify numbers as cell format in this column and that would be good.
Thanks for tips!

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