Default option in PWA




In the timesheet view and assignment views, the default options are view
actuals tasks or actual assignments. Is it possible to change the default to
all tasks and all assignments ? If yes, how ?
Thanks in advance,

Sylvie Ubaldi.



Gary L. Chefetz [MVP]


In the Time Sheet view you have the choice of "All tasks" or "current
tasks." You can't set a system default for these as the system remembers the
way each user last viewed the page and restores those settings
automatically. This is actually a nifty feature. For the second part of your
question, it would help if you were more specific, but if you're talking
about View Resource Assignments reached from the Resource Center, then this
page functions the same way.


Gary L. Chefetz, MVP
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Hi Gary,

You answered my questions, thanks. But it looks like once you quit PWA and
come back the next time, the default is always back to actuals tasks for
Tasks menu and Actuals assignments for Assignment views in Ressources Menu.
The problem with this is that you can miss some assignments that are 100%
completed but that you want to have in your list anyway. Don't you think it
cannot be changed in the call of the corresponding ASP page ?



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