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Nov 4, 2022
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This is how MS Word 2019 displays the font 1999 Livius. MS Word also prints to paper with clipped descenders, and all pdf printers produce files which display on screen and also print to paper with the clipping.
Word 2010 and Word 2013 behaved differently. They displayed on screen showing the clipping, but at least some pdf printers (including Adobe) produced files which did NOT show the clipping.
The sample shown is of 1999 Livius at 13pt with paragraph spacing at exactly 15pt. My file HAS TO HAVE exact spacing to make the book design function properly. Many other fonts display the save defect, but some do not.
I do not need to fix the problem for screen display, but I do need to create an Adobe pdf for on-demand printing.
- I do not want to be forced to use a different font.
- Using Acrobat Distiller also shows the fault.
- LibreOffice and OpenOffice also show the fault.


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