Detail_Format works in Print Preview but Not When Printing



I am trying to use the technique of having a page break widget in my detailsection to control when a new page should be generated. In my Detail_Format section of the report, my code looks like:

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)
If (Me.Page = 1 And firstTime) Then
Me![pageBreak].Visible = False
Me![pageBreak].Visible = ((Len(Nz(data1, "")) > 0) And (Not (firstTime)))
End If
firstTime = False
End Sub

where data1 represents the key field that I am using to generate a new page.. The boolean "firstTime" is set TRUE in the Report_Open procedure. The widget "pageBreak" is located at the very top of the Detail section.

When this code executes in print preview mode, the resulting report is perfect. However, when I then ctrl-P to print that report, the pageBreak widget is printed on the first page which results in a blank detail section. The printed version is then one page longer than the preview version -- with the addition of this blank detail page.

I have put breakpoints in the Detail_Format section. They are not hit whenactually printing a hard copy, only when generating the print preview.

What am I missing? How do I control the page break when printing a hard copy like I can when doing a print preview?

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