Don't like Word 2011



They've hidden a lot of things want out in I the open and there's no way
to get at them without adding a lot of steps. You just can't customize
the Ribbon as extensively as the Toolbar in 2008. It shows stuff I never
use and hides stuff I use all the time - and you can't rearrange most of
it, so you end up with extra steps to complete simple tasks.

Why *add* steps to a straightforward task? Overall that's something I
think Microsoft has never quite understood from the user's POV. Classic
example find/replace. Sure it's comprehensive with a bunch of features
and options, but 99% of the time I just want to search and replace the
whole document - and that's something you can't set as a default, so you
end up with pop-up dialogues asking if you want to do it from the start
of the document.. and so on.

Anyway, I kicked the tires on 2011 and I'm back with 2008.

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