Doughnut Chart linked with the slicer in the pivot table

Mar 17, 2023
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I am trying to create a dashboard to monitor daily performance. I like the dashboard to be able to provide me infographic screen while enabling me to go through each date and see the results. For this matter, I created a pivot table with a slicer that let me monitor results for LDGT, LDGB, and LDGTL in a hold-wise manner. ( you can find the results in the attached file)

As you can see in the attached excel file, with the slicer, you can monitor the table information in accordance with date, hold, and hold value.

I require LDG PROG, AWAITING CARGO, and MACHINERY STOPPAGE to be linked to this slice and show results for each subject (LDG PROG, for instance) in a doughnut chart as I showed in the attached excel file, sheet “LDG PROG”.

In the sheet “LDG PROG”, I showed an example of the type of doughnut chart I am seeking for.

Let us imagine that we have created a doughnut chart for LDG PROG and linked it to the slicer that we previously created. Therefore, as I go through each date, a single doughnut chart pops up and shows the progress percentage, while other bar charts are showing information regarding the chosen date.

Your kind assistance would be highly appreciated as I desperately need a solution for this matter.

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