Duplicate Output Destination



Hi folks! Using A02. Have an append query that I
frequently have to fix because it decides to give the Dup
Output Dest error on PlanNum field. It has to make sure
the record for that contract number doesn't already exist
in my InfoTbl. My GrpLogTbl is appending to my InfoTbl. I
have both tables in the query with GrpLogTbl as my left
table including all and only InfoTbl where they are equal.
I have PlanNum from both tables in the query with all the
fields from GrpLogTbl that do not already exist in InfoTbl
and InfoTbl.PlanNum criteria contains "Is Null". But the
AppendTo criteria should be blank and it likes to default
to "PlanNum".

How can I put it better to stop trying to fill in that
append criteria on the InfoTbl.PlanNum?

Hope I'm not vague here and someone can help. Thanks in
advance for any advice!!!


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