Excel 2000 Windows Live Mail/Outlook



Hi All

I would be grateful for any advice given to cure this problem.

I use Windows Live Mail as my default email software, and I use Exce
2000 for my spreadsheets. The problem is: I want to email a single shee
from a workbook to a friend which was not a problem when I used XP an
Outlook Express. I now have a new computer which has W7 with Window
Live Mail installed. When I hit the email icon button in Excel to sen
the sheet, "Outlook" (not express) tries to open, but it is no
installed and Excel locks up.

How do I change the program that the button in Excel opens to Window
Live Mail instead of Outlook.

I hope I have made that clear enough.

Thanks for any help offered





I agree with Riverspree, below. Answers are few and far between. I'l
try somewhere else too. Thanks anywa

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