A couple questions BEFORE using Office 365

Jun 17, 2021
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I have THREE Office 2019 licenses. One is now dead after reinstalling Windows 10 Pro on a laptop, and from what other forums tell me there’s NO WAY to get it activated again. My wife (her laptop) is so disgusted (I’m being REALLY REALLY polite here) with Microsoft that she’s planning to move her email to gmail and we’ll put an old copy of Office 2010 Home (has everything BUT Outlook) on her laptop ‘cause she’s at the point where she’ll never willingly give MS another penny.

Iin the meantime, she has to be functional, which means at least a few months of having a working Office while she transitions. I suggested as the least wretched option to get some BASIC Office 365, monthly, that has Outlook and Word and BASIC things. Which leads to my questions.

HOW does she work when she’s not connected to the Internet for a week? Does 365 live on her laptop and Word and Outlook and so on work NORMALLY (other than sending/receiving email), or does it FORCE her to have a connection even when we’re 50 miles from a cell tower?

I can find topics about people being STUCK in “offline” mode and NOT being able to do things, which sounds like yet another nightmare, but how much of a problem is it to do “normal” office things with 365? Is there ANYTHING she needs to do for those times when she has NO connection for a day or two and wants to do Word or Excel or Powerpoint?

And what OTHER PITA problems do I need to warn her are likely to occur, so they don’t come as a shock when they happen? What user stupidity or software stupidity do we need to watch out for?

OH, and in case it's some kind of huge problem, we use POP email 'cause we routinely need to take the .pst file from one computer (desktop) and put it on a laptop for traveling. My understanding was that was not as straightforward if using exchange and I definitely don't have time to screw with that nightmare 4 days before we leave town for 10 days. So, it HAS to work just like normal with POP email.

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