Always getting a log in dialog.


Nov 21, 2023
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Hi I am trying to help a friend, she has an Office 365 subscription on her Windows 10 PC.

Whenever she opens either Excel or Word (the only ones she uses), she gets a dialog box asking her to sign-in. When she tries to sign-in using her email address, she is informed that it is incorrect, she clicks on the cross in the top right corner of the dialog box to close it, she is then in either Word or Excel and she is already signed in (with the same email address).

When she attempts to open a Word or Excel file attachment, the program just freezes and we have to close the program via the Task Manager, but, if we open the program (Word or Excel) close the dialog box, we can then open the attachments.

I am by no means a computer expert, far from it, but I have tried several of the "solutions" suggested in various places on the internet, but none of them seem to work.

This is the dialog that appears "every" time she opens an office program.
Microsoft Dialog.JPG

Can you please advise?

Kind Regards,


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