Word 365 is saving great to Dropbox, but upon rebooting next day, Word does not show the file I last saved.

Aug 16, 2020
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My wife is in her eighties and often accidentally deletes all or some of the content of the Word 365 file she's editing, then hits Save. Used to drive me nuts! Dropbox solved that, as it saves every few minutes whether she saves or not, all with the same filename, but timestamped. Great, problem solved.
BUT, next day when she boots up Word 365, her last file is never shown in the Recent Files list. Tim, my story is GONE!" Of course I navigate to her story's Dropbox folder, and the file is right where it should be and easy to open. But asking her to navigate directories is too much.
She is asking me for the good old "Recent Files" list under the "Files" menu to show what she was working on yesterday. Will this never work in Office 365 with Dropbox, or am I overlooking a critical setting?

~ Tomtim47

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