Microsoft 365 Activations, Users or Devices?

Nov 4, 2021
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After discussing this with Microsoft Support, I still needed clarification on Microsoft 365 permissible activations. I have a yearly subscription for Microsoft 365 Home Premium, that allows me up to six device (or user?) activations. I have installed M365 on three PCs. Each PC, has Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, updated with the most recent patches, enhancements, security, etc.

For security reasons, each PC has an administrator account, that is not touched, and a standard user account, that is the only account used. I have purposely, and made sure, M365 is not signed in on the administrator account, and signed in only in the standard user account.

On my Microsoft account (website), each PC is listed twice, with an activated M365 bring me to six activations for three PCs. I contacted Microsoft Support, who stated that this should not be the case. We went through, signing out of M365 on each PC, deregistering each device on my Microsoft account, doing this again, allowing for 24 hours to pass before signing in M365 on the standard user account, only to find 24 hours later, each PC listed twice, with and activated M365.

Don't what to do, I'm thinking of buying another PC (a fourth one), which I'll configure 2 user accounts as above, and want to install M365 on it.

Anyone else experienced this too? Anything can be done?

One more point to add, after installing M365, I must sign in to the PC administrator (M365) to get rid of all the Add-Ons Outlook enables by default, then sign out after it.

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