Repeated Requests for GSuite password when first Accessing Outlook 365 after system start

Dec 9, 2015
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I'm hoping someone can help me resolve an issue with Outlook 365.

I have Outlook 365 setup to access a GSuite email account and the setup within outlook for the account is via IMAP not POP3. After setting up the account, when I first accessed mail I was presented with a Google logon request that asked for my logonid and password and at the end it indicated that it would remember this account information as I had authorized this PC to access the GSuite account. At this point, all is well as I can send and receive email just fine. I can also close outlook and reopen it as many times as I want and Outlook will not prompt me for my password again. However, if I shutdown or restart the PC and again open Outlook it will again display the Google logon asking me to enter the password and it does this twice.

I have gone into my GSuite Account Security and two factor authentication is NOT turned on and I can go down further ans see that Windows and Microsoft Apps have been granted access. If I go in on the PC itself and go into Email and Accounts I can see the GSuite email account having access so I'm at a loss as to why, when I first open Outlook I always get a Gmail request to provide my password.

Has anyone run into this before and know how to fix it?

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