Outlook 365 overriding formatting choices

Nov 6, 2022
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My customer is having the formatting of all emails - both incoming and outgoing - changed - she is running Outlook 365. I have tried to override this, with no success so far. I'm attaching jpegs of the email as sent and received. The sent file shows what Outlook 365 is doing, the received shows what I get - which is how it should look. I'm running Outlook 2016.

It seems that no matter what font you set in the options in Outlook 365 (I set Arial with normal line and character spacing, left justified), the software ignores it and changes the font, also centring the text and using non-standard line and character spacing.

Any and all suggestions welcome.


  • slp received mod.jpg
    slp received mod.jpg
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  • slp test out mod.jpg
    slp test out mod.jpg
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