Office 365 for Business vs Office Home - 'Save to' & Other Questions

May 19, 2018
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Hi all, I've just registered. 60 yrs+, in Ireland.

Hoping there's perhaps a few here with a good overview of the real world benefits and limitations of the Business vs Home versions of Office?

I ended up with Office 365 for Business which runs what in effect is SharePoint rebranded presumably for marketing reasons by MS also as OneDrive - thus making it next to impossible to search for help on the web. The MS help pages are just as bad, they rarely obviously relate to one or the other app. I have my One Drive for Business set to 'synchronise' what is on the cloud (its primary storage location)/to maintain updated copies of all files on my desktop.

I do some writing, and have just installed a manuscript management package named Scrivener. Backup is for obvious reasons important. It seems Scrivener backs up to the desktop version of OneDrive supplied with Windows without problems, but that trying to access live projects from multiple devices eg if traveling is unwise as synchronisation problems may arise.

1. Can anybody say if it's likely that Scrivener is likely to be able to backup to OneDrive for Business as with the Home version? ie might there be technical differences between it and the desktop version that would prevent this?

2. Does anybody have a simply expressed view on the pros, cons benefits and limitations of the Business versus home versions of Office?

3. Are problems likely if I uninstall Office 365 for Business, and revert to one of the Home versions and all that entails?

I seem to keep on running into situations where the nominally the same applications (eg Skype, OneDrive) turn out to be very different in practice. It's very hard to access the much rarer on line support for the business variants. Skype for example can make calls to the home version, but it requires a specific set up.

Outlook for Business is knee deep in functionality I don't use, but I've no idea what the home version is like.

The business package is for obvious reasons designed to facilitate collaborative access to cloud stored documents etc from multiple applications, but it's not a requirement I have. When I travel I bring the laptop with me....

Pardon the length...

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