Spacing around Footnote References in text



Normally, the footnote references in text stay with the character before the
footnote reference. There is no space band or extra space between the last
character and the footnote reference.

I received a document, that when paragraph justified, the spacing between
the last character and footnote reference is expanded - even though there is
no space band. This is not normal. Usually, even when justified, the footnote
reference always stays right with the character preceding it.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might cause this? We were able to copy
the entire doc (without the last hard return) into a new doc and the spacing
is back to normal - even when justified. This leads me to believe there was
some kind of strange formatting in the doc.

Anyone had this happen - or any ideas?



Is the language set to English? Maybe with French or German, space can
be added there.

Did you check for things like Zero-Width Optional Break, which would
tell Word it's ok to break a line there?

Or the character spacing parameter for kerning -- is Word allowed to
spread apart the letters within words in order to justify a line?


I believe the language is set properly. I can't seem to remove a language
once it's there, but it appears to be English.

The is no character between the last character of the word and the footnote

There seems to be no kerning set - there is nothing set in character spacing
from the font option...

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