WordPerfect to Word Conversion Footnote Problem

Dec 21, 2015
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I have several documents which were prepared some years ago using Word Perfect 8. I am now reviewing and editing these using Word 2007. Word 2007 converted the documents very well from the Word Perfect format, except with regard to footnotes.

The default footnote style in Word provides a reference number in the text which is superscript and a couple of font sizes smaller than the normal text font.

The footnotes are separated from the text by a short line, about one-third the width of the page.

The reference number in front of the actual footnote is lined up with the main text body (ie left indent = 0) and is again superscript and smaller.

And the footnote uses a smaller font than the body of the text.

But with my converted Word Perfect documents the situation is somewhat different.

Footnotes which were in the original Word Perfect document still appear below the short line, with the reference number still superscript and smaller, but the whole footnote, including its reference number, is indented by just over one tab distance.

However, the real problem arises when I wish to insert a new footnote into the converted document. In this situation the footnote reference number in the body of the text is full size and not superscript. And in the footnote itself, the reference number is against the left margin, ie lined up with the main text. But it is full size and not superscript, and the footnote also appears in full-size font (ie same as the main document).

I can fix these problems manually by modifying each footnote and its reference number individually, but with about 40 documents each running to more than 50 pages, this is a job I would like to avoid.

So is there any way of changing some settings in my converted documents to overcome these problems, particularly so that any new footnotes inserted into the converted documents behave like they would in an original Word document?

Thank you in anticipation.



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